Warranty Overview & Registration

Thank you for purchasing 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope. Your Littmann® Stethoscope is fully guaranteed against manufacturing defects (both binaural and chestpiece) for the following duration:

Cardiology IV™ 7years
Classic III™ 5years
Cardiology III™ 5years
Classic II Infant 3years
Classic II Pediatric 3years
Classic II S.E. 3years
Electronic Model 3200 2years
Master Cardiology™ 7years
Master Classic II™ 3years
Select and Lightweight II S.E. 2years
Classic II S.E. Teaching 3years
Master Classic II™ Veterinary 3years

But in warranty period, spare parts such as Eartips, Rim and Diaphragm are excluded. Please complete the e-registration within 14 days from the day of purchase. (Failure to complete will diminish your warranty rights.)

Terms and Conditions (for online registration):

(1) After submission of warranty registration, a registration number will be issued and sent to the registrant's email. This warranty is valid only when the registration number and the original purchase receipt are presented when service is rendered.

(2) 3M shall be responsible for material or manufacturing defect, free of charge within the guaranteed period of specific models. Eartips, rim and diaphragm shall be repaired or replaced at a charge. Any defective part which has been replaced shall become 3M's property.

(3) This warranty shall automatically be void if : - The product is damaged due to customer's default, misuse, negligence or excessive stretching. - The product has been repaired or altered by anyone without prior consent from 3M.

(4) Customer shall be responsible for self-delivery and pickup of the product.

(5) This warranty only applies to the product purchased through an official distribution channel of 3M Hong Kong Limited.

(6) In case there is any inconsistency or conflict discrepancy between the English version and Chinese version of the terms, the English version shall prevail.